ZipRecruiter Blonde Actress Stacy Kaney with Dog Commercial

ZipRecruiter promotes its services in a new commercial.

The spot features a young blonde woman, played by actress and writer Stacy Kaney (known for the movies The Bet and Life in Color), talking about how ZipRecruiter helped her on her search for a job. She says that looking for a job was stressful, but her dog helped her relax. Of ZipRecruiter she states that it works like a free personal recruiter. It sent her the right jobs, enabling her to apply with a click, and set status updates, as well. In the end, she found a great job thanks to ZipRecruiter.

The commercial concludes with the woman taking her dog for a walk and with the voiceover encouraging viewers to visit the job site, “Rated #1 Job Site in the U.S.” according to the tagline.

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