Zales Valentine's Day Deal Commercial - Feat. Cupid's New Muse, Valentina

Zales promotes its Valentine’s Day gifting event, which gives customers the chance to get %25 off everything, in a new commercial, that introduces Cupid’s new muse: Valentina.

The spot highlights that the world needs more love than ever and that a new goddess is here to help Cupid. “She’ll inspire you to celebrate the love that kept you going, the love that just started, the love that stays strong. She’s here to make love shine ever brighter. Say hello to Valentina,” the voiceover says on the 30-second ad, which features a young blonde short-haired woman as Valentina, sporting a variety of jewelry pieces, from rings to necklaces to earrings and bracelets.

At the end of the commercial, the voiceover says it’s the Valentine’s Day gifting event and you get %25 off everything.

The commercial also informs that this Valentine’s Day Specials cannot be combined with any other offer or rewards.

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