Wendy's Hot and Crispy Fries Commercial

Wendy’s promotes its New Hot and Crispy Fries in a new commercial, which highlights that if the fries you get are not hot and crispy you’ll have them replaced for free.

The spot features empty drive-troughs and soggy fries, while voices in the background ask customers if they want fries with their order. “Nobody wants cold and soggy fries with that,” the voiceover says, introducing Wendy’s Hot and Crispy Fries. The fast-food chain has a glossy storefront and, in contrast to the other questions, this time a voice from a digital speaker system asks “What would you like with your Hot & Crispy Fries?”.

The commercial also takes a jab at McDonald’s version of the snack, with the voiceover mentioning that Wendy’s fries are almost preferred 2 to 1 over the ones served at McDonald’s.

Wendy’s president Kurt Kane explained in a press statement that what they’ve done “is balance the cut of the fry and kept a little bit of the skin of the potato on the fry to be able to drive flavour.” Kane has also revealed that they used “a batter system that allows us to be able to maintain crispiness, both when they’re fresh and hot out of the fryer as well as several minutes later”.

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