Weetabix Up and Alpen Ram Advert

Alpen, the UK’s number one muesli, celebrates 50th birthday with its biggest campaign in recent years, titled “Up & Alpen”.

The TV spot features a man who has just moved in a new house and is surrounded by cardboard boxes. As he eats a bowl of Alpen cereals, an energetic alpine ram shows up in his apartment and does some of the hard word: pushes away a sofa in the living room, where it should be placed.

“Conquer your day the alpine way. Up and Alpen,” the voiceover says at the end of the advert.

According to the brand, the appearance of the energetic animal aims to highlight how Alpen can give everyone the endurance to climb their own personal mountains.

The £2million investment also includes a new pack, featuring an eye-catching alpine design, which rolls out from mid-May, a refreshed website, which showcases the brand’s Swiss roots and includes inspirational recipes ideas, and a social media campaign, which runs across the brand’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

The new pack design across the Alpen muesli portfolio is for the 550g box and 1.1kg bags and the variants Original, No Added Sugar, Simply Berries and Chocolate (£2.49 box; £3.99 bags).

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