Warburtons George Clooney Advert / Commercial

Warburtons has released a new TV advert to promote its classic Toastie loaf.

The spot, created by Engine and titled “It Can Wait,” features bakery boss Jonathan Warburton in his office, waiting for his 3PM break to enjoy a slice of hot buttered toast. Immediately after the clock strikes the top of the hour, the chairman grabs a slice of Toastie loaf, puts it in the toaster and, once toasted, spreads butter on it. The entire process is soundtracked by Schubert’s “Ave Maria”. He then cuts in in half and is ready to indulge himself with the snack when the receptionist comes in to let him know that George Clooney is on the line. He sees the actor waiting, but decides to close the laptop instead as “he can wait”.

The end of the advert sees Clooney staring down the laptop screen and asking “Mr. Warburton? He hung up?”.

Warburtons is known for working with several other A list celebrities in the past, for its ad campaigns. Among them are Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone.

The brand makes around 350,000 Toastie loaves a day and says they “go to great lengths to ensure they are of the best quality around”.

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