Walgreens COVID-19 Vaccines Commercial - Feat. John Legend

Walgreens has released a new commercial to announce that COVID-19 vaccines are ready and so are the Walgreens pharmacy experts, who are there to give it to you safely, for free.

The spot features John Legend saying “This shot is our shot. Our opportunity. COVID-19 has taken so much from so many. But this is our shot at returning to the faces and places we love and miss. The COVID-19 vaccines are ready. And so is Walgreens, with pharmacists you know, who know you. So when you’re ready, they’ll be ready to give it to you safely, for free. This is our shot at bringing our communities back together. Providing healing, not just for some, but for all. This is our shot. This is our shot at reconnecting with the ones we love, with the world we’ve lost. This is our shot”.

The video informs that there’s no cost to you with most insurance or government assistance. Vaccines are subject to availability. State, age, and health-related restrictions may apply.

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