Volkswagen Golf with Optional Voice Control Commercial

Volkswagen promotes its new Golf, with optional voice control, in a commercial highlighting that, we’ve always talked to our cars and, today, they finally understand us.

The spot, titled features a diverse cast of Volkswagen owners talking to their cars in a variety of life situations. One woman stuck in sand with her VW politely says “Oh, come one, come on, please!” while some men are pushing the car, a grandfather seeing his granddaughter staining his car with paint asks “What is she doing to you?”, a man praises his car for being a “good girl” when it starts on a freezing winter day, a mother handing the car keys to her teenage daughter, to whom she gifts the car to drive to college, says “Goodbye my love”.

The end of the commercial sees a woman returning to her new Polo on a rainy night and asking the car to take her home. She does that because the car features the optional voice control system.

Volkswagen’s Polo strikes the perfect balance between design and function. Its LED headlights with static cornering lighting offer exceptional illumination of the road ahead when turning, it boasts smartphone connectivity and high-quality audio calls, which makes it easy for you to access everything that matters to you, and its suite of advanced safety systems, such as Front Assist, City Emergency Braking, and Blind Spot Monitor, makes it the perfect car for everyday travel.