Vitaminwater Ice Zero Curly Haired Girl in Bathtub Commercial

Vitaminwater promotes its ice zero sugar cool blueberry lavender flavored water beverage in a new commercial.

The spot features a young woman in the bathtub, who wants to chill out with a few candles. After she takes a sip from a bottle of vitaminwater ice zero, she feels like she’s swimming under water, in a pool, and when she gets her head back to the surface she feels all refreshed.

The commercial ends with the tagline “find your chill. now with chamomile” flashing across the screen.

Vitaminwater, which contains l-theanine and chamomile, is a great source of vitamin b5, vitamin b6, and vitamin b12, and combines the delicious taste of cool blueberry lavender flavor with other natural flavors, is available for purchase at multiple retailers, both in stores and online. A 20 fl oz bottle of vitaminwater zero sugar ice has only 10 calories.

The brand is known for collaborating with actor Aaron Paul for one of its ad campaigns.

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