Vimto Llama Commercial

Vimto has launched a new ad campaign in partnership with agency Quiet Storm, encouraging you to “Find Your Different”.

One of the spots, which aims to highlight that finding your uniqueness is a journey of experience, and that this is definitely okay, no matter what age you are, features a young woman who tries all kinds of things to find what she really likes.

She thus tries fishing, flying, tie dying, doing snow sports in the cold, conjuring spells in battles of old, llamas with bananas, sumo wrestling, cowbell ringing with alpine brothers, and – of course – Vimto.

The voiceover points out that, “if you try things you don’t like, then you’ll find what you do and you’ll that step closer to discovering you”, and, eventually, the tagline “Find Your Different” flashes across the screen.

The new campaign was created to promote the brand’s offering, to announce the new addition of vitamins C and D to its squash, as well as to celebrate individuality.

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