Vauxhall Crossland SRi Nav Advert

Vauxhall showcases the Crossland SRi Nav in a new advert, titled “Show real life some style”.

The 30-second spot features two teams of kids as they finish their rugby practice and head towards their parents’ cars. Filthy gear and muddy boots make some of the adults react a little bit weird upon the perspective of having them in the car, but one particular mother, who’s a Vauxhall owner, is not worried at all and welcomes her daughter with a half smile.

The new Crossland SRi Nav features new bold exterior design, futuristic new Vauxhall Vizor, wider look and more comfort than ever before. The car offers outstanding high tech features including the Panoramic rear-view camera, wireless charging, touchscreen infotainment and satellite navigation.

The advert, scored by a piece of classical music, ends with the voiceover urging customers to show the real life
some style with the new Crossland SRi Nav for £249 per month.