University of Phoenix Career Services for Life Commercial - Feat. Spoken Word Artist

University of Phoenix promotes its Career Services for Life commitment in a new commercial.

The spot features a spoken word artist onstage, delivering the following message: “When they told me my work wasn’t essential, walls then closed around me with the words ‘You can’t do this tattoo to its surface’.

An unshakable feeling, pressure has swelled beyond my capable strength. How do I break through alone? I don’t. The strength to break through has always been built together, crafted with the people who stand beside us”.

At the end of the commercial, the performer urges viewers to visit the institution’s website for more information about Career Services for Life.

University of Phoenix aims thus to provide every active student in its degree and certificate programs with access to all of its career services and every graduate with lifetime access to these services, which include career coaching, resume reviews and other resources designed to help them get career ready. Students and graduates will have access to the PhoenixLink career portal, available 24/7/365, where they will find resumé support, a Career Explorer tool, content and videos that matches their interests, a team of academic counselors, and more.