Uber Eats Lil Nas X in Feather Outfit Commercial

Uber promotes its Uber Eats food delivery app in a new commercial featuring Lil Nas X.

The spot, created by Special Group and directed by Guy Shelmerdine, features the “Industry Baby” performer wearing one of Elton John’s fabulous feather get-ups and saying he’ll also be needing some nail polish, a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates, because he’s keeping it casual.

“Get groceries, alcohol, essentials delivered” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial.

Lil Nas X and legendary singer Elton John co-star in the new “Tonight I’ll Be Eating” campaign for Uber, promoting the grocery, alcohol and convenience offerings available from the delivery service. In other ads they switch iconic looks (while Lil Nas X wears the feathery outfit, Elton John wears Lil Nas X’s pink Versace cowboy suit from last year’s Grammys), ride playground horses and fight about whether fries pair well with mayonnaise.

“I’m so excited and honored to be working with the legendary Elton John on this Uber Eats campaign. We had so much fun on set deciding what’s for dinner and trying on each other’s most iconic looks,” said Lil Nas X in a statement.


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