U.S. Bank Crochet Cody Commercial

U.S. Bank aims to inspire people to turn their dream into reality in its latest commercial, which promotes the Side Gig Savings Goal, available in the bank’s mobile app.

The spot features Cody, a man who has a video call with his U.S. Bank representative, Alex. He tells her that he is now crocheting and, while it started off as a hobby, it “kind of snowballed from there”. Viewers get to understand what this means – his garage is now filled with piles of yarn and square afghan, his car is covered with a crocheted car cover, his children wear crocheted clothes, as well, and even his dog, Max, wears a matching multicolored poncho and hat. His wife, Linda, gifted with a crocheted bathing suit, did not like it, though.

Alex tells him that he can turn his passion into his main hustle with the help of a Side Gig Savings Goal on the bank’s mobile app, which makes Cody say that she’s his hero. Asked what he’s working on that moment, he reveals he’s stitching a pool cover.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying “The confidence to make your dream a reality” and adding the tagline “U.S. Bank. We’ll get there together.”

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