Toolstation Plumber & Shark Advert - Tools and More For Any Task

Toolstation, a supplier of tools, accessories and building supplies in the UK, has launched a new TV spot, which aims to highlight that the brand has “tools and more for any task”, no matter how unexpected.

The advert, created by agency krow, features a plumber called out by an old lady to fix a leaking problem in one of the bathrooms. However, when he enters the bathroom, he sees a leaky wall-to-wall aquarium that houses an unexpected resident – a Great White shark. Luckily, the plumber is equipped with everything he needs for the job and manages to solve the problem.

“It’s a good job we do more than just tools”, the voiceover says at the end of the advert, which aims to highlight
that Toolstation can supply you with everything you need, so that you could tackle any task.

The campaign, designed to target tradespeople and a wider DIY audience, includes – besides the TV spot, which is set to debut on TV this Saturday, March 13 – online video, radio, outdoor and digital advertising.

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