Tonal LeBron James Strength CommercialTonal, a brand that helps users train smarter, using personalized digital weight and artificial intelligence, has released a new commercial, starring LeBron James.

“Do you think strength is a gift? It’s not. Everything you’ve seen me do was made possible by what you don’t see.
Because when you’re not looking, I go to work. Strength isn’t a given. It’s grown. It’s earned and tested. Then tested some more. No matter who you are or how far you’ve come, we all know there’s always more work to be done. We all have the strength to see what’s possible. It’s up to us to unlock it,” James says in voiceover throughout the 60-second commercial, which sees him sitting in front of a Tonal machine and working out on Tonal.

At the end of the spot, he adds the tagline “Tonal. Be your strongest.”

The four-time basketball champion has teamed up with Tonal, considered “Peloton’s main rival”, earlier this year. The brand revealed LeBron James would be its newest investor and brand partner on October 13.

LeBron James noted the ease of use, the compact size and robust workout offerings as unique qualities that set Tonal apart. “You don’t need a lot of space to get what you need out of a workout. You can literally find a wall in your house, find a wall in your garage, find a wall in your room…and get the same workout as you would get in a full gym.”

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