TeePublic Grandma Commercial

TeePublic has launched a new ad campaign created by agency Makeout, Brooklyn, which aims to inspire people to wear their personality inside out.

One of the spots features a grandma who searches on the Internet for a variety of things. Suddenly, a series of pop-ups overtakes their computer, the screen wipes clean and an abstracted TeePublic search box appears. “What are you really looking for?” a mysterious voice asks her. She then writes down “cute things” and the voice urges her to “dig deeper”, which makes her type in “satanic things”. As soon as she presses enter, her room is transformed with props, lighting. Even her wardrobe changes. After quickly typing in another even more specific interest, “cute satanic things,” she has another surprise.

“Wear your personality inside out,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial.

The campaign also includes other two ads – one featuring two roommates and another one featuring Dark Deb, a girl who searches for horror things and then for unicorns to eventually settle for horses.

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