Subway Turkey Footlong Bob's Discount Furniture Commercial - Feat. Little Bob

Subway continues its Eat Fresh Refresh campaign with a new installment.

The spot, created based on the idea that Subway has so much new it doesn’t fit in their ad, opens like a regular TV spot, showcasing the brand’s new Turkey Footlong with bacon, made with hearty multigrain bread, a new Deli style turkey, topped off with hickory smoked bacon, lettuce, onion rings, and more. However, after 15 seconds, when the voiceover ends the commercial abruptly, saying that there’s too much new to fit in one ad, Little Bob from Bob’s Discount Furniture shows up saying that Subway has so much new it didn’t fit in their latest ad so they bought a section of his sectional ad to inform that Subway’s new artist in Italian bread makes a delicious Footlong with bacon.

The commercial ends with Little Bob laying near the Footlong and asking “how does anyone finish these things” given the fact that they are huge.

The sandwich chain has also enlisted Serena Williams, Stephen Curry, Tom Brady and Megan Rapinoe to star in its “Eat Fresh Refresh” campaign, which announces improvements to almost every core product on the menu and a better digital and in-restaurant experience to ensure the brand delivers better choices every day.

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