Subway Serena Williams Commercial

Subway has tapped Serena Williams, Stephen Curry, Tom Brady and Megan Rapinoe to star in its latest “Eat Fresh Refresh” campaign, which announces improvements to almost every core product on the menu and a better digital and in-restaurant experience to ensure the brand delivers better choices every day.

The tennis legend takes it from Curry, who stars in the first ad, informing that Subway just upped their bread game with the help of some world-class bakers, like Nancy Silverton. Mrs. Silverton makes an appearance, urging viewers to “Eat Freh to be fresh”. Curry can’t help asking how many people are in this ad. Serena continues her speech by saying that “that means freshly baked new Artisan Italian and Hearthy Multigrain.

She starts thinking that these would go well with something, but the Subway logo appears on the screen and she realizes she’s out of time, too.

The TV commercials, voiced by Charles Barkley, are complemented by social and digital content.

“The effort is supported by one of the largest media investments in the brand’s history. In my almost 20 years in marketing, this is the most innovative campaign and media strategy that I’ve ever seen, and I am so excited to launch this unprecedented campaign,” Carrie Walsh, Chief Marketing Officer, Subway, said in a press release.

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