Sport England Singing Football Advert

Sport England urges people to get back to what they love in its latest advert, which aims to inspire people of all ages to get active at home, away from home, alone and with their children, if they have.

The 15-second ad features a football ripped off and abandoned in the garden singing a song to its owner, who’s now into playing video games. “Please love me again, I miss you, I need you. My heart can’t let you go,” the animated football sings to the young man, who eventually leaves the house and grabs it to play.

“Get back to what you loved” an onscreen line reads at the end of the advert.

“Join the Movement,” which launched during the first lockdown in 2020, also includes other seven charming animations, such as a basketball, a pair of trainers, boxing gloves, roller skates, a tennis racket and a rugby ball, created by FCB Inferno, that remind men of their pre-pandemic hobbies and urge them to get back to the sports and physical activities they both once loved.

Sport England offers tips, advice and guidance on how to get or keep active. It offers tips to help people of all walks of life, including older adults, pregnant women, and persons with a disability or long-term health conditions, get started and feel the physical and mental benefits that even small increases in physical activity can bring.

Those who visit the section “Join the Movement” on the Sport England website can find a list of YouTube channels offering workouts across multiple disciplines including strength, cardio, dance and yoga.

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