Sonic Wacky Pack Kids Meal Dance Eating Commercial

Sonic Drive-in has released a series of new ads to promote its Wacky Pack Kids Meals.

One of them features a family of three in the car, at a Sonic Drive-In. When the mother asks her son if he would rather eat in the car or at home, at the kitchen table, the boy asks her why would anyone eat in the car. The answer comes from his dad, who points out that you can turn on some tunes and start dancing while eating. “You know how weird we’d look if we did this at the kitchen table?” he asks while shaking his body.

A Sonic Wacky Pack Kid’s Meal includes a choice of Jr. Burger, Corn Dog, Hot Dog, Grilled Cheese or Chicken Strips, and is served with regular tater tots or fries and a choice of a child-size soft drink, Sonic Slush or orange juice.

Another commercial, featuring a diverse cast of families at Sonic and the ingredients of the menu items included in the Wacky Pack, highlights that a Wacky Pack is “The choice for kids who love choice”.

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