SodaStream Randi Zuckerberg Commercial

Randi Zuckerberg asks people to stop sharing posts on social media and take action, instead, to show they really care about the planet.

The spot opens with a rescue helicopter crew telling a polar bear stranded on a piece of ice surrounded by water that Sarah from New Jersey just shared his story so everything will be all right.

Randi Zuckerberg, who introduces herself as entrepreneur, businesswoman, theatrically trained vocal performer, and her own person, regardless of who may or may not be a member of her family, then shows up saying and saying that, when all we do is share stuff online instead of taking real action, the world doesn’t give a sh^t. This is the reason why she decides to join SodaStream, who not only make fresh delicious sparkling water, but also eliminate millions of single use plastic bottles every day by using reusable bottles.

“SodaStream has already created one way to save the world from home. I knew if we put our minds to it we can find a cure for virtual concern. Go to the SodaStream website and learn how you can help save the planet. So don’t just share, show you care!” the voiceover says.

At the end of the commercial, Randi shows off her singing skills in a short performance, while wearing a red sequin dress. “SodaStream says no to single use plastic and saves the world,” she sings on a stage, surrounded by dancers. Viewers are encouraged to go to the SodaStream website.

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