Sky Glass Boy Wizard Watching Formula 1 Race Advert

Sky advertises its Sky glass smart TV in a new spot.

The ad, the second installment in the campaign, sees the same boy from the first ad using the voice-command feature to watch a Formula 1 race on the family’s Sky glass. With six powerful speakers and an epic subwoofer, he is completely immersed into the viewing experience and this is how his mother finds him when she returns home.

“The streaming TV from Sky, with six powerful speakers built in for Dolbi Atmos sound,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial.

Sky glass also features Ultra HD, Quantum Dot technology, and next level contrast, and allows users to “find anything in a flash, create endless playlists, restart shows on any channel, and discover more with intelligent recommendations,” according to the brand.

The 43″ TV comes in several color options, with 48 month interest free loan. Customers must pay a £10 upfront fee and have contract for Sky TV. Sky glass is available from £13 a month. Those who want to have Netflix can opt for Sky Ultimate TV and pay £26 a month.

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