Senokot Laxative Products Commercial - Feat. Mr. Senna & Prof. Kot

Senokot advertises its laxative products in a new TV commercial.

The spot features Mr. Senna, who’s into nature, and Prof. Kot, who’s into science, introducing themselves and saying that together they work. At this point, the voiceover points out that they work like the Senokot laxative.

The two “team members” declare that, to relieve occasional constipation, Senokot is made from the Senna plant, refined by science to be reliable. They conclude this is a “perfect match!”, just like them.

The commercial showcases the Senokot Natural Senna Extract Laxative Gummies in Mixed Berry flavour, Senotokot S Dual Action, and Senokot Regular Strength.

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