Samsung Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ Commercial Curly Mom Working from Home Actress

Samsung showcases its Galaxy Tab S7, described as its most flexible tablet yet, in a new commercial, highlighting that you can seamlessly go from work time to play time and make the most of the new 9 to 5.

The 60-second ad, titled “Work is better with play,” features a day in the life of a mother working from home in times of COVID pandemic, when her son has school online. She wakes up at 7 and juggles with her personal and professional tasks the entire day, taking care of her child, who becomes her “muse”. Seeing him up on the counter, trying to grab something from a cupboard, she takes a photo of him, which she modifies to use it during her presentation, titled “The Peak”, for a kid’s jacket.

The day ends in a positive note, with the woman’s presentation being a success and with her son falling asleep near her, on the sofa.

The soundtrack music is Linda Eder’s “Don’t Rain On My Parade (from Funny Girl)”.

The Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ are equipped with the latest processors, high-capacity storage, and improved security which make them ideal for everything you love to do. Its 12.4-inch large screen is ideal for demos, graphs, and images, while the portable design often makes it more convenient than a laptop. Users can write directly on PDFs in Samsung notes or exercise convenient folder management. These tabs, paired with a Book Cover keyboard, can give you a true PC-like experience, the brand says.