Rocket Mortgage Commercial - Kyler Murray Getting an Edge with VR Goggles

Mortgage lending company Quicken Loans has released a new ad for its Rocket Mortgage app.

The spot features Kyler Murray in the locker room getting an edge on his passing game with some VR training goggles. One thing is sure: he manages to wreak havoc in there. “Just like Kylo Murray gets an edge on his game, you can get an edge on refinancing with low rates from the experts at Rocket Mortgage,” the voiceover says, highlighting that, “when you need a competitive edge in the housing game, Rocket can”.

This is not the first ad that carries this tagline. A previous one featured ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit showing up to save the day for a couple looking for a house. He called a team of college football mascots into a huddle to let the couple know that a verified approval from Rocket Mortgage verifies your income, credit and assets all up front, putting potential buyers ahead of a regular pre-approval.

Over the years, the mortgage lending company has teamed up with several other celebrities to promote its Rocket Mortgage app, which helps customers, with on-demand assistance from licensed mortgage advisers available with just a tap, to go through the loan process at their own pace. Among them are actor/comedian Keegan-Michael Key, actor Ryan Kitley, pro golfer Rickie Fowler, NFL legend Barry Sanders, and comedian Tracy Morgan.

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