Home Size Filter Trolls Commercial has launched a new campaign, highlighting that at there are homes for every homebuyer.

One of the spots features a couple of trolls who turns to the tools on, when their living situation gets a little too cozy, to help them go from their smelly old troll hole to a modern condo where they can entertain. “Thanks to’s home size filter, we can ditch this troll hole and find a bigger place that doesn’t smell like mud and rotting wood,” the wife says checking out on her tablet. At this point, her husband, who has just arrived, tells her he thought she likes his breath. Soon after they get a notification, they go to see the place and move in.

At the end of the commercial, the husband says they love the new home, which is perfect for having neighbors over for dinner. It soon turns out that the neighbor doesn’t have too much fun in their company, but is obsessed with their staircase.

The tagline “To each their home” flashes across the screen.

The other ads in the campaign show a vampire who uses the Affordability Calculator on to find a home that’s perfect for both his afterlife and his wallet, a cacti family that finds a home that’s perfect for them in a very dry climate thanks to the Draw on Maps and Flood Zone overlay on, the 3D Tours, and a vampire who hates his tiny basement and uses the 3D Tours feature on to explore new homes where he can spread his wings.

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