Draw on Map Vampire Commercial promotes its website and some of its features in a series of hilarious new ads, titled “Homes for Every Homebuyer”.

One of them features one resourceful vampire who, sick of living century after century in the same tiny Transylvanian basement, turns to to find a home that’s perfect for his nocturnal needs. Thanks to some handy tools – like the Draw on Map, which allows him to spread his wings and escape Transylvania, and 3D tours, will allows him to explore new homes, he manages to find the right place for him, with a huge basement. When he moves in, he declares excited that it’s the best day of his afterlife.

Another spot features a vampire who uses the Affordability Calculator on to find a home that’s perfect not only for his afterlife, but also for his wallet. A cacti family and a couple of trolls are also protagonists in other ads for the real estate website, which tout the Home Size Filter, the Draw on Maps and Flood Zone overlay.

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