Rakuten Cha-Ching Commercial - Feat. Woman in Bathtub Buying Heels

Rakuten has released a new commercial to promote its services.

The spot opens with a woman in the bathtub who uses Rakuten to buy a pair of heels and gets, thus, 10% cash back. A family of four freezing in their home get a holiday on an exotic island, a father holding his baby’s crib buys diapers, and several other people are shown with all kinds of objects for them or their furry friends, such as rings, necklaces, and more.

The ad highlights that you get cha-ching on things that make you feel fancy and on travel when you get a bit ansy, on electronics for ladies with speed, on childhood things, rings, and for baby blings.

“It’s cash back at thousands of stores. It’s the joy of making it yours,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, which sees fireworks in the night sky.

The cash back portal has been promoting its website in several ads over the years. Consumers can sign up for free at rakuten.com and start shopping to get Cash Back at hundreds of major online retailers, including Walgreens, Office Depot, Intermix and Forever 21.

The cash back will be deposited in the Rakuten account consumers create. They will subsequently receive a check or a PayPal payment with their cash back, every quarter. If you install Rakuten’s browser plugin, when you are on a partner retailer’s site where you can earn cash back the plugin will light up. You just have to click the plugin to activate the offer, and – after your purchase – cash back will automatically be deposited into your Rakuten account. You can also visit the Rakuten’s website or download the app to check out the deals.


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