Rakuten Big Give Week Grl in Green Jumpsuit Singing Commercial

Cash back portal Rakuten promotes its “Big Give Week” in a new ad, highlighting that customers get 15% Cash Back at select stores during this event, which takes place from May 10 to 17.

The spot features a woman who signs up for free at rakuten.com and starts shopping to get 15% Cash Back on a variety of products, including outfits, homeware, and more. As she uses the website for her purchases, she also starts singing as follows: “I want to buy an outfit or two and get that Cash Back, too, on the things that make a difference in my world. They’ve got TVs for my shows, dog beds, they got those… cause I want what I want from all my fav’rite stores. Cash Back so crazy, it’s time for Big Give Week, baby!”.

The woman is then joined by her husband and son, who start dancing along with her.

Consumers can sign up for free at rakuten.com and start shopping to get 15% Cash Back at hundreds of major online retailers, including Walgreens, Office Depot, Intermix and Forever 21, during Big Give Week. A Rakuten spokesperson says there will be more than 500 retailers participating in the promotion.

The cash back will be deposited in the Rakuten account you will create. The cash back portal will send you a check or make a PayPal payment with your cash back, every quarter. If you install Rakuten’s browser plugin, when you are on a partner retailer’s site where you can earn cash back the plugin will light up. You just have to click the plugin to activate the offer, and – after your purchase – cash back will automatically be deposited into your Rakuten account. You can also visit the Rakuten’s website or download the app to check out the deals.

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