Progressive The Addams Family Meets The Progressive Family Commercial

The Addams Family meets their match in the latest Progressive commercial, which promotes the upcoming The Addams Family 2 movie.

The spot opens with The Addams Family playing with the famous family members being surrounded, in their home, by The Progressive family, consisting of Flo, Jamie and her colleagues.

“They’re nice but irritating, their excitement can get grating, they’re dressed for pastry baking, The Progressive family,” the song playing in the background says. “They’re helpful but annoying, they always leave us snoring, accidents are boring with the Progressive family,” the song continues.

The video also shows Jamie sliding a coaster under Grandmama’s peculiar green beverage to protect the wooden table and Alan extinguishing Pugsley’s bundle of dynamite before he gets the chance to blow up Wednesday. When Morticia asks when the team will go home, Flo answers that they’ll never leave because they are there for them 24/7, which makes Morticia reply “Terrifying!”.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying the tagline “Protection so good it’s scary” and informing that The Addams Family 2 is playing in theaters and on demand October 1st.

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