Progressive Dr. Rick Quinoa Commercial Actor

Progressive has released a new ad starring Dr. Rick on his mission to help homeowner struggling not to become their parents.

The spot features the Parenta-Life Coach implementing several methods with young homeowners who are turning into their parents. He tells them they do not need a “Live Laugh Love” home decoration sign wit in order to do those things, tries to teach them pronounce the word quinoa, and open a PDF.

“Progressive can’t protect you from becoming your parents, but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial.

In previous commercials, Dr. Rick helped young homeowners deal with the very real struggle of not turning into their parents using other methods. One of them consisted in asking them to answer a series of “very real and pressing questions,” like “How many pillows are too many?” “When does helping become hindering?” “Who reads books about Submarines?” and another one consisted in a group outing at a store called House World.

This new campaign can be considered a continuation of the “Parentamorphosis” campaign, which was created by Arnold Worldwide in 2016 and became Progressive’s most successful effort without spokeswoman Flo. This campaign included several spots directed by Roman Coppola, featuring homebuyers that assume the most annoying traits of their parents. One of the commercials featured several men and women talking in a “Dad” Support Group about their transformation frustrations. Another spot featured a married couple sharing their story about how the husband, Matt, changed when they became homeowners. If, when they were dating, they used to get excited about things like concert tickets or a new snowboard, all that changed when they bought a house. “Matt started turning into his dad,” says the woman. Another ad featured a group of friends on a road trip, where they realize that one of them, named Keith, who “used to be great to road trip with,” has changed dramatically since he bought his house.

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