Progressive Baker Mayfield Sharing Gossips with Neighbors Commercial

Progressive continues its At Home with Baker Mayfield with a new installment.

The spot aims to highlight that dishing with the neighbors is just another part of home ownership, even if you’re Baker Mayfield and features the Cleveland Browns quarterback sharing hot gossips with neighbors, while watering his plants (in this case, a tree near the stadium).

During a conversation with two ladies, he says he’s happy one of their neighbors is renovating her kitchen, but he can’t hear anymore about subway tile. It turns his opinion about this type of tile is not a good one, believing that it’s outdated. Seeing her driving by, one of the ladies asks “Driving a new car but couldn’t donate to walkathon?”, which makes Mayfield stating that “she’s a good egg, though” and they all agree on this. However, the conversation soon continues when the same lady asks Mayfield if he heard she’s pulling her kids out of tennis. “Stop it. Again?” he asks surprised.

“It’s your house. Protect it with Progressive,” onscreen lines read at the end of the commercial.

Mayfield has been starring in campaigns for the insurance company for several years now. He and his wife, Emily, will share the screen in the third season of Progressive’s “At Home with Baker Mayfield” series.

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