Pringles Super Bowl 2021 Commercial - Flavor Stacking Astronauts

Pringles has released its Super Bowl commercial, encouraging fans to unlock new flavor combinations using the Pringles Original, Barbecue, Pizza, Jalapeno, Cheddar Cheese and Ranch.

The spot, which marks the brand’s fourth consecutive Big Game spot, takes a light-hearted approach on what could happen when people get too distracted by new flavor combinations.

Titled “Space Return,” the video begins with two astronauts who, after having landed on water, are surprised to see that there is no rescue boat for them. It soon turns out that those who should have sent the boat are busy stacking different crisps on top of each other and discovering new flavors, such as “BBQ Pizza Stack” (featuring Pringles Original, Barbecue and Pizza). Seeing a fishing boat nearby, the stranded heroes get optimistic, believing they will be saved, but in vain. Those on the ship are also too busy stacking Pringles. They are ready to enjoy the Spicy Cheese Stack (featuring Pringles Jalapeno, Cheedar Cheese and Ranch).

The ad, which also features the recently unveiled new Pringles can design, will air at the end of the first quarter of the game.