Planters Nut and Snowman Commercial

Planters wishes everyone happy holidays in a new commercial, produced with VaynerMedia and titled “The Nuttiest Time of the Year”.

The spot features Peanut Jr. growing into his new nutty stage of life: Bartholomew Richard Fitzgerald Smythe, or Bart for short, walking across the town center on a winter day and learning, from a snowman friend, the true meaning of Christmas. “This, my friend, is what the holidays are all about. some people love sweaters. Or fun shopping. Some people like running up their electricity bill.

It’s the nuttiest time of the year, it’s true. But it’s all about giving. And the best gift is you,” the snowman tells Bart, who, immediately after realizing that he’s the gift, sees a nutcracker getting closer and asks the snowman to keep “that guy” away from him.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying “Happy holidays from Planters” while on the screen are shown the brand’s winter edition Holiday Nut Crunch and a Trio Pack (consisting of classic peanuts, salted caramel peanuts and cocoa peanuts), which comes gift packed as a colorful box with a built-in tag to write “To” and “From”.

An 18oz Planters Holiday Edition Trio Pack is available for purchase on Amazon for $17. The brand’s winter edition range also includes Planters Winter Spiced Mix, featuring a limited edition variety of sweet and savory nuts such as honey roasted peanuts, almonds, honey roasted sesame sticks, cashews and pecans.

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