Pizza Hut $10 Tastemaker Pac-Man Commercial

Pizza Hut promotes its $10 Tastemaker, which means consumers can choose any three toppings on a large pizza for just $10, in a new commercial.

The 30-second ad features a man playing a sit down version of Pac-Man in a Pizza Hut restaurant and revealing that he’s been playing this game since ’82. “You ever think Pac-Man gets tired of eating the same little dots. Mm. I mean who eats dots anyway,” he says, adding that he needs variety and that he can get any three toppings on his large pizza for just $10.

At the end of the commercial he says he thinks he’s about to OutPizza the Hut, but he immediately realizes – and admits it – that no one OutPizzas the Hut.

The pizza restaurant chain introduced the $10 Tastemaker in September 2020 and highlighted that, with over 17 topping options, there are 680 possible combinations. The brand debuted, on this occasion, a limited run of 22 1/3-month $10 Tastemaker Calendars with 680 days of different 3-topping pizza combinations to give fans months of mealtime inspiration.