Peugeot Lions Commercial / Advert Girl

Peugeot has dropped a new ad to celebrate “lions of our time” and inspire people – customers and potential customers – to own their most valuable asset: their time and turn it into quality time and an enriching experience.

The spot, which marks the launch of a new brand identity for the automaker, features a diverse cast of people, of different ages and walks of life, and with different passions. “We are lions. And time is the land we roam. A land where we pounce on every occasion. Yes, time is our territory. Where we choose the pace, the rhythm, the flow. Time is where we live and turn every moment into an experience. We are lions. The lions of our time,” the voiceover says in the 60-second ad, which also gives viewers a glimpse at the new Peugeot 2008.

The brand has also unveiled its new logo, which consists of a coat of arms adorned with a magnificent lion’s head.
Created by the PEUGEOT Design Lab, the PEUGEOT brand’s Global Brand Design studio, the new logo, which is the eleventh, since 1850, replaces the tenth version, which had been launched in 2010. Meant to represent a distinctive symbol of belonging and recognition, it is also synonymous with prestige, confidence, longevity and lineage, according to the brand.

This year, the automaker will also launch a new range, including the Peugeot 308, and a new website.