Petco True Meals Bodybuilder Commercial

Petco continues its “It’s What We’d Want If We Were Dogs” campaign with a new installment, promoting the Multi-Protein Recipes from True Meals.

The spot features a muscleman saying “New True Meals supports my metabolism and muscle growth. Which means… Swole City, U.S.A.” and showing off his chest muscles. At the end of the ad, it turns out he was actually a dog resting on a bench”.

“It’s What We’d Want If We Were Pets” an onscreen line reads.

Created by Droga5, Petco’s “It’s What We’d Want if We Were Pets” campaign includes several spots that focus on the brand’s products and related services, including same-day delivery on select items, curbside pickup, repeat delivery on online orders. Other ads promote the food without artificial ingredients, Minimally Processed Human Grade Dog Food from The Honest Kitchen, the protein-packed raw dog and cat food from Instinct, the Merrick dog and cat food, the cat food from Royal Canin, tailored precisely for the needs of dogs and cats, and more.

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