Peloton Ride with Greatness Commercial

Peloton has released a new ad to promotes its first-ever head-to-head competition series designed by Alex Toussaint.

“There comes a time when every athlete must tap into their true power. They transform before our eyes and shake the room. It’s electrifying. Uncontainable. Peloton. This is that moment. Welcome to the Ride with Greatness,” the voiceover says in the opening of the 60-second spot, explaining that in this series two teams will go head to head battling for the #1 spot. “You’re the star player and I’m the coach. We train together, we compete together and most importantly, we win together. Put everything on the line for your squad as you activate the hustle and validate your greatness. Don’t wait until the fourth quarter to give it everything you’ve got,” the voiceover also says, urging you to “grab your jersey, rep your team, and meet me on the bike.

Those willing to participate can join a team now by adding #TeamActivate​ or #TeamValidate​ to their profile. Training starts this weekend.