Peloton Christmas Scrooge Commercial

“Peloton is fitness so fun and exhilarating that anyone can do it, and anyone can find joy in it – even Scrooge,” this is the idea behind Peloton’s Christmas commercial.

Developed in partnership with creative agency adam&eveNYC and titled “When Your Workout Is a Joy, It’s a Joy to Work Out,” the campaign includes three spots shot by award-winning director Adam Hashemi through Reset, that feature actor and comedian Brett Gelman as Scrooge. The videos are a modern retelling of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” and reimagine what Scrooge’s story would look like, if he received Peloton hardware this holiday. It aps into the core insight that Peloton makes fitness, which can sometimes feel like a chore, enjoyable and fun.

In the first commercial, the grumpy man with his “perma frown” receives the Peloton Bike+ and discovers his way through Peloton’s workout content and world-class instructors.

“When Your Workout Is a Joy, It’s a Joy to Work Out” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial.

“What can be better than bringing people laughter and fitness at the same time? Peloton has certainly brought fun and joy into working out like nobody else has. I’ve tried to bring that same fun and joy to Scrooge aka the most famous grump of all time. I hope this spot will drive everyone to have more fun with their daily exercise, and realize their lifelong desire to see Scrooge work out,” Brett Gelman said.

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