Orsay Loungewear Commercial Girl

Orsay showcases its new loungewear collection in a new commercial, under the tagline “New ways of comfort”.

The spot features a young woman who’s wearing the same outfits both indoor and outdoor. She is thus shown sporting different styles to stay inside and to do various things outside, such as going grocery shopping at the local market, walking her dog, enjoying an ice cream in the sun.

Among the pieces showcased throughout the commercial are a soft shirt with an elegant back neckline, comfortable trousers with a loose cut, a fashionable top with a tailored cut, narrow straps, and rolled hem at the bottom, matching cardigan and leggings, leggings, and more.

The song used in the commercial is the 2020 single “Lie in the Sun” by indie rock band ORKAS, from their “You Know You Want It” EP, released in 2020.

Orsay’s new loungewear collection is now available for purchase at the brand’s website.