Old Spice Night Panther WWE Locker Room Right Commercial - Feat. Rik Bugez

Old Spice promotes its Old Spice Nightpanther Antiperspirant Deodorant in a new commercial, which turned Rik Bugez from mild mannered sales representative into the ultimate combination of man and panther.

The spot features a WWE locker room fight won by WWE NXT Superstar Rik Bugez (Eric Bugenhagen), who continues to play Joseph Average, described as “a normal, everyday Old Spice salesman that taps into the power of NightPanther to achieve WWE superstardom”.

“Night Panther is the new long lasting antiperspirant deodorant from Old Spice. It will hunt down sweat and body slam odor. Night Panther unleashed my wild smell. And may be the perfect combination of man and Panther. Manther!” Average says, roaring and adding “Smells like winning”.

At the end of the commercial, the tagline “Smell Ready for Anything” flashes across the screen.

WWE’s new Old Spice ad campaign features 6 vignettes, 4 custom commercials and a robust social media campaign, which will include a YouTube playlist and organized online support from Superstars.