Old Spice Deon Cole & Gabrielle Dennis at Couple's Therapy Commercial

Old Spice has enlisted Deon Cole and Gabrielle Dennis to star in its “Men Have Skin Too” campaign.

The spot features Cole shedding tears during a couple’s therapy session with fellow comedian Gabrielle Dennis. The reason: he doesn’t want to share his Old Spice Fiji Hand & Body lotion. When his partner takes the bottle from his hands, saying that the lotion has her “smoother than ever,” the couples counselor (played by actress Nia Long asks Deon how fe feels after letting go.

“Like a part of me is missing” he answers, with tears in his eyes, confirming that, indeed, that’s what Old Spice Fiji Hand & body Lotion does.

The counselor tells Cole to take as much time as he needs and Cole says he’s gonna need a minute, but after just a few seconds an alarm rings and he is told that that was their time.

The Old Spice Fiji range also includes Old Spice Fiji Refresh Body Spray, Old Spice Fiji With Palm Tree Body Wash, and Old Spice Fiji With Palm Tree Deodorant.

This is not the first ad starring Cole and his fellow comedian, Dennis. In another ad, the black-ish actor and his on-screen wife are joined by Patti LaBelle, who plays Cole’s mother-in-law.

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