Old Spice Clinical Guy in Parents' Basement Firefighter Commercial

Old Spice advertises its Old Spice Clinical range in a hilarious new commercial, that carries the tagline “Smell Ready For Anything”.

The spot features a young man living in his parents’ basement being asked by them if he needs help finding an apartment. As he puts on Old Spice Clinical antiperspirant, the voiceover says that with Old Spice Clinical you can say “goodbye musty sweat, goodbye more sweat and goodbye parents’ basement”.

The guy turns into a firefighter who goes up, through the ceiling, living his parents’ basement, all while showcasing a firefighter uniform and a helmet featuring the number “73”, which is the number of hours Old Spice Clinical offers sweat protection for.

Old Spice Clinical Sweat Defense Soft Solid is gentle on your skin and goes on smooth with the lasting scent of Thai lemon and lime, leaving you smelling fresh and well defensed, according to the brand, which says that this versatile stick offers 72 hours of defense against sweat and odor.