Oikos PRO Yogurt Cups PROFACE Commercial

Yogurt brand Oikos has released a new ad for its new Oikos PRO, introducing the notion of “PROFACE”, which is “that beautifully hideous vein-popping contortion you make when maxing out”

The spot features a diverse cast of athletes lifting weights and showing their “PROFACE”, while in the background a song whose lyrics include “Let me see you make the ugly face, the ugly face” plays. The brand highlights that its new Oikos PRO is here to provide 20g of protein straight to that gloriously grotesque face.

Launched at the end of the December 2020, the Oikos line-up includes yogurt cups and drinks available in several varieties. The cups are available in vanilla, strawberry, mixed berry and peach flavors, and contain eucine, a branch chain amino acid involved in building muscle, 20 grams of protein, vitamin D and 15% of the daily recommended calcium intake, and no added sugars per 5.3-oz cup.

Oikos Pro drinks, available in strawberry banana, mixed berry, caramel macchiato and coffee flavors, feature 25 grams of protein, no added sugars and 9 essential amino acids per 20-oz bottle. The caramel macchiato and coffee flavors also feature 100 mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to one cup of coffee.

Prices range from $1.59 for Oikos Pro yogurt cups to $2.49 for Oikos Pro beverages. The products hit shelves last month.