Naturo Natural Pet Food Advert Dog

Naturo Natural Pet Food has launched a new ad campaign to highlight that “It’s only natural to care for each other”.

The spot depicts a variety of moments of caring between dogs and owners in everyday life. Some of the dogs, for instance, welcome their human friends at the front door, giving a helping paw with the door, others go to them for a cuddling moment, others motivate them to move as much as possible and do sports.

The soundtrack is provided the single “One Love” by RnB legend Roy Young, from his 2020 album “Once Again”.

The campaign is set to air TV and digital channels across the UK and Republic of Ireland for 10 weeks.

“We are ecstatic to release our latest campaign, following the success of our two digital campaigns in 2020, which seen over 52 million impressions and a 607% increase in daily website visits. Our messaging relays not only the natural bond held between pet parent and dog, but the 100% natural properties of our dog food,” said Claire McNally marketing manager in a press statement.

Naturo’s range of products is available for purchase at major retailers and pet trade stores across the UK and Ireland, as well as independent retailers and for online ordering through their website.

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