Naked Smoothies Liz Commercial

Naked Smoothies continues its “Be More Naked” campaign to promote its entire range of smoothies: Naked Machines, Naked Lean and Naked Zing.

The spot, created by Brave and BlinkInk directing duo Jonny & Will, features a young woman who takes a sip from a Naked Smoothie bottle and approaches Liz, a peer whom she asks to go out together sometimes. A fish, a squirrel and a pigeon witness her bold move and are by her side. Faced with a refusal, the girl takes another sip and is ready to go on with her day, especially after the fish in the lake tell her that there are more fish down there.

The ad, which is one of a series of six ads running on social channels including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and VEVO, informs that Blue Machine contains added vitamins B1, B2, B6, C&E, Naked Lean contains 40% less calories and sugar than other smoothies on average and that the bottle is 100% recyclable.

The new campaign also includes partnerships with Spotify and TikTok, led by agency OMD, that will focus on the brand’s newest product, Naked Zing, and a PR campaign, created by Splendid Communications, which aims to help people be a little more bold, with Naked giving them the confidence they need in their everyday lives.

Paul Pearson, Creative Director at Brave, said in a press statement that “‘Be More Naked’ is an ethos we should all try to live by – to be bold and liberated so we can be the most authentic, versions of ourselves. Not being afraid to show vulnerability and not being afraid to say how we’re really feeling. The campaign is really all about championing everyone to be their bold ‘Naked’ selves.”

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