Müller Corner Peel Back & Play Dina Asher-Smith Advert

Müller partnered with 200m World Champion, Britain’s Fastest Woman, and 2021 Olympic Medal hopeful Dina Asher-Smith for its latest Müller Corner advert.

The spot, created by VCCP, features Dina clad in a blue dress playing with huge white and brown balls (a nod to the
brand’s fan-favorite crunchy milk & white chocolate coated puffed rice balls), and encourages consumers to peel back and play, too.

This is the first of three TV ads featuring Dina Asher-Smith, who – according to the brand – “embodies everything
Müller stands for: health, kindness, confidence, excitement and positivity”.

The Muller Corner range also includes Milk Chocolate Digestive, Banana Chocolate Flakes, Strawberry Shortcake,
Toffee Hoops, Raspberry Creations and Pretzel Party. The Fruit Corner comes with a side full of real and delicious
fruit compote. There are five options to choose from, such as Strawberry, Peach & Apricot, Blackberry & Raspberry, Blueberry, and Red Cherry. The Corner Skyr consists of thick and creamy Icelandic style Skyr with whole nut granola.