Moonpig Advert Girl at the Bus Stop Sending Birthday Card

Moonpig has released a new advert to introduce its extremely cute spreaders of joy: the moonpigs.

The spot opens with a young woman at a bus stop who wonders what’s the best way to say “Happy Birthday” as she’s scrolling on her phone to choose a birthday card for her best friend in the Moonpig app. As she does that, cute moonpigs show up near her, changing their little outfits to match the designs in the Moonpig’s range of birthday cards. Thus, a cute little pig appears wearing a cape (reference to the “Wishing You a Super Birthday”, featuring a illustrated female character in cape), another one appears wearing an avocado hat (a reference to the “Here is Your Birthday AvoCARDo”), another one wearing a dinosaur costume (reference to the “Have a Roaring Birthday!”, featuring a dinosaur holding a birthday cake) and another one wearing a party hat (reference to the “Celebrating In Style Photo Upload Birthday Card”, which can be personalized with the recipient’s photo).

The Moonpigs say that the protagonist, Janika, sent with just a tap “the perfect card to be delivered with thousands of other giggles, cheers, and best wishes all over the land, for when it comes to birthdays, it must be a…”. Viewers are encouraged to download the app.

Moonpig also offers a range of experience days, letterbox gifts, and balloons. Among the birthday gifts customers can buy are personalised champagne bottles, giant birthday Cadburry bars, Grow It Bonsai Tree Plant, Happy Birthday Letterbox, Happy Birthday Beer Gift Set, 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster, and more.

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