Mixwell If Real Freedom Offends You Commercial

Sparkling mixer brand Mixwell has launched a new ad campaign, which stands out for freedom.

The spot, which clearly mocks this fear of the “loss of masculinity”, opens with a burly man in a truck who asks what “happened to manly men with strong hands and a firm grip, men who like it when things get hard, aren’t afraid to get the job done with a little spit and a whole lot of elbow grease.” He clearly is one of those men, but as the spot ends, it also turns out that he has a husband. The two cheer with their favorite drinks, including Mixwell, and then embrace for a long kiss.

The spot ends with the tagline “If Real Freedom Offends You, Please Don’t Buy Mixwell” in the shape of a rainbow.

The new organically-made soda brand’s offering includes pure sparkling water, dandelion tonic water made with cardamom, grapefruit soda made with prickly pear cactus, and ginger ale made with Thai basil and lemongrass. The beverages are available for purchase in select stores and online.

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