Metro by T-Mobile Dashaun Wesley Commercial

Dashaun Wesley shares why the Ballroom queer community is #UnstoppableTogether in the latest Metro by T-Mobile commercial.

“Because back in the ’60s we were all hiding in the clubs. And we chose to fight. Because we needed to be ourselves. And not somebody else. Because we were kicked out of our houses yet found a home. Because this new family got us. At the beginning we were just a few. Then the love spread out like a wildfire. Because we found our individuality by becoming a community. Because we have a place to vogue, dance, pump, duck walk, catwalk, pose, fashion, design, form, emcee, support, love and live. Because we have a place to be together and together we’re unstoppable,” Wesley says in the 45-second ad.

The video ends with the tagline “PRIDE Powers Our Future” flashing across the screen.